Special Dietary Requirements



We make our own gluten free sausages and sausage meat burgers. These are a plain pork recipe, but if you would like us to add any extra flavours i.e. herbs, honey, chilli we can make a special batch for you. The minimum batch would be 4kg. Price £ 9.60 per kg.


Low fat

Meat is a valuable source of protein which carries out vital functions in the body. It is possible to eat a low fat diet which can include meat. It is a good idea to consider dry roasting and grilling meat to allow any hidden fat to be released instead of frying or fat basted roasting. We would also recommend consulting your dietician to access your own exact requirements.


High protein. Low in saturated fat.

These meats are the choice of bodybuilders. All of the meats listed below (low fat) fall into this category but the most popular seems to be minced turkey. The normal price for this is  £ 10.80 per kilo. Higher volume users can enjoy the discount on our 4.54 kg (10lb) pack of £8.80 per kilo.  We will divide into ready to use portion sizes. i.e. 10 x 1lb packs. Cost £ 39.95.


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