We are confident that our British outdoor reared, and free range pork will be succulent and full of flavour – all of our cuts are hand scored to ensure perfect crackling.

Our pork is sourced from a well established free range brand “Plantation Pigs“.

Hugh Norris, Farmer and owner of Plantation Pigs says….

Traditional Breeds – We breed all our own pigs. We use ginger- and black-haired animals that can withstand the heat of a summer’s day and cold winter nights. Sows must be good mothers to rear their litters with the minimum of intervention from our stockmen. The breeds we use confer great qualities on the pork making it succulent and tasty. Its flavour will enhance both complex and simple dishes to provide a delicious, satisfying meal.

Free Range – Our pigs live outside in the fields. In summer they bathe in mud wallows to protect themselves from the sun. In winter we provide deep beds of clean straw for them to bury themselves in to keep warm. Plenty of fresh air and exercise helps to keep our pigs healthy and reduces the need for medication.

Natural Cereal Based Diets – Pigs that live outside require food that provides for their active lifestyle. Our diets are specially designed for this purpose and to maintain exceptional pork quality. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that only safe traceable raw materials are included in our feeds.

Quality Standards – Our pigs are regularly visited by a consultant vet. This is to promote the health and welfare of the pig and to provide support for our farm staff. As members of the Humane Slaughter Association we have access to training and monitoring of best practice at our abattoir.