Q. How do I arrange my delivery ?

A.  After you have placed your order we will telephone  you to arrange a delivery time that suits you, or arrange a drop off and storage point.


Q. Will my meat pack arrive fresh or frozen?

A.  All of your meat order would be cut and packed fresh as it is easier to pack fresh meat into the freezer, however pre-frozen packs can be supplied if preferred.


Q. If I run short of meat or need extra for an un expected party can I get an interim delivery?

A.  Once you have committed to meat deliveries from B.Drummond Butchers we make every effort to ensure that you enjoy a ‘total service’ which would include interim, daily and weekly deliveries. If you are in Romsey we would be delighted to see you in the shop where you can collect any additional items that would simply be added to your account.


Q.  Why can I not pay for my order on line when I have completed my order?

A.  Weights that you have ordered, especially for joints that we have quoted on a price price per kilo basis would have to be cut and then weighed so that an exact price can be charged. Because of this we are unable to give an exact price  until the order is cut’ – probably the day after your order is placed.

It is not legal for us to charge for an approximate weight if we have advertised it on a price per kilo basis and the easiest way to overcome this, would be to set up a standing order with your account so that the order value could be deducted – you would then automatically receive a 10% discount on all orders that are not already discounted.


Q. What happens if I under or overspend my standing order value?

A. We will send out a statement at the end of each month which will show either a credit or debit balance because it is unlikely that you will spend exactly the same amount each month.

Customers that accumulate an increasing credit balance, usually use this as a way to save for their Christmas and cold weather meat packs – a bit like the ‘Christmas Clubs’ of the past.

If this is not suitable then we would simply recommend that the level of the standing order should be reduced.

When a customer accumulates an increasing debit, we would recommend increasing the standing order or ask them to make a payment in order to clear the balance – we can then suggest modifications to the pack content in order to fit in with the budget that you have requested.


Q. What do I do if I am in any way dissatisfied with any of your products?

A.  We always do our best to supply our customers with the very best quality goods and a first rate service at all times, however if  you were dissatisfied with any of our products then we would refund the cost of that item.

We would need you to return a sample of those goods (pop this in the freezer until the next delivery) so that we can identify the nature and source of the problem in order to prevent it re-occurring.