Cooking The Perfect Steak

Cooking a good or perfect steak is not easy and we have all perhaps been on the wrong end of a meal that has failed to live up to expectations!

Here are some simple guidelines to help you cook the perfect steak every single time, taking guesswork out of cooking steaks by means of some straightforward hints and tips.


For 2cm (¾inch) thick sirloin, rump or rib eye steak cooked with moderate heat

For 2-3cm (¾ -1¼ inch) thick fillet and T-bone steak, add an extra minute on each side.


An easy way to test your steaks is to use the ‘touch test’.

A steak becomes firmer the longer you cook it and so you can tell how ‘done’ it is by the firmness of the meat when you press the thickest part of it with your finger.


Lightly place your thumb and forefinger together and touch the fleshy area running from the base of your thumb toward the underside of your wrist.

Then one by one move your thumb from fingertip to fingertip – the thumb muscle tenses and becomes more resistant – just like a steak as it cooks!


1. Rare: 5 minutes (2½ minutes each side) – the touch test is forefinger to thumb. The outside of the steak will be evenly browned but the centre though heated through, still rare and contracts slightly when touched and very pink inside.

2. Medium – Rare: 6-7 minutes (3-3½ minutes each side) – the touch test this time is middle finger to thumb. Most of the centre of the steak should be pink, but warm through the middle with a hint of red – this steak should have a firmer surface but be soft in the middle.

3. Medium: 8 minutes (4 minutes each side) – the touch test is third finger to thumb. 50% of the rare meat in the centre (which is still slightly pink) is cooked, the steak is resistant when touched and the juices will seep on to the sealed surface of the steak.

4. Well Done: 12 minutes (6 minutes each side) – the touch test is little finger to thumb. This steak will be cooked right through and feels firm.


Additional Tips:

·         Remove steaks from the refrigerator about 10 minutes before cooking

·         Ensure that the frying or griddle pan is hot before cooking

·         Before cooking brush the steaks with a little oil on both sides to prevent sticking

·         During cooking, lightly press down the top of each steak with a fish slice or palette knife to ensure even cooking

·         Don’t pan-fry or griddle too many steaks at one time, as the temperature of the pan will drop rapidly and the steaks will stew in their own juices

·         After cooking, rest the steaks for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to distribute evenly


Congratulations you are now on your way to